Intimate Couple

Ready to plan your adventure engagements or anniversary session in the heart of Palo Duro Canyon? I know the perfect spots for you. We will spend up to 3 hours hiking to new locations that you won’t see on most photographers feeds and shoot the session in a very natural way where it will never look over posed or fake. I only shoot with real emotions to capture authentic happiness and laughter, so you can literally relive that feeling every single time you see certain photos.

What to expect

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▵ Make sure you know which package collection is going to fit you best- you can see the collections at the bottom of this page.
▵ Reach out to us via CONTACT FORM
▵ Once we have talked, weekday date is picked, sunrise or sunset, and general location I will send over paperwork to make it official.
▵ As soon as you have paid your retainer and signed the contract you will receive a “how-to” session guide for helpful tips and tricks while we plan your adventure.
▵ We will hike or not hike, whatever you prefer, to locations that best fit your vision. I will play your most favorite music, make you laugh until you cry, and force you to be friends with me.
▵You’ll go home with incredible memories and I will go home with amazing photos. I will sit down and hand edit each image that is going to be delivered to you. I’ll send you an online password protected link where you and then you’ll cry because it’ll take you back to that moment of you having no idea how magical your surroundings were.
▵ You will get an online gallery that you will download straight to your computer and will be able to print your photos anywhere you’d like.
▵ We will become best friends and you will come back for more for maybe your anniversary or even family photos.

The Essential

sunrise or sunset ▴ one hour of shooting ▴ digital images ▴ the session takes place inside Palo Duro Canyon ▴ online gallery for image downloading + print ordering ▴ print release for personal printing, posting + sharing


The Keepsake

▴ Let’s go explore the most beautiful extravagant + adventurous places Palo Duro Canyon has to offer!
▴We will start by making a timeline of hiking either for sunrise or sunset photos.
▴This is for the adventurous hearts who want something breath-taking and not a place where everyone is taking their photos. For the experience + relationship and to brag about the one of a kind photos done in the most secret places our place has to offer.
▴ This covers up to 3 hours of hiking + shooting. ▴ online gallery for image downloading + print ordering ▴ print release for personal printing, posting + sharing


The Lighthouse

Sunrise or Sunset ▴ 6 hour adventure ▴ This gives you the time to hike the LightHouse trail and do your session at the top ▴ online gallery for image downloading + print ordering ▴ print release for personal printing, posting + sharing
If you are not familiar with the famous Lighthouse trail, you can see information about it here. This isn't for the faint of hearts as the hike is pretty intense. It takes about 2 hours hiking to get to the location and then having to hike up the cliffside. Best done at sunrise. You will leave with one of the best locations and seriously epic photos.
*can not be used to elopement or wedding. Don't discount your special day like that*


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